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Neutrophil 2021 meeting


The European Phagocyte Workshop will join the International Neutrophil Symposium 2021 "The Neutrophil Zoomed-In" Online Meeting

May 31-June 1, 2021
The meeting is chaired by Stephen Renshaw (University of Sheffield) and Sarah Walmsley (University of Edinburgh) and co-organised by a committee of neutrophil researchers from the UK and Canada. Please download the programme and share with your colleagues.

Topics include:
Neutrophil-pathogen interaction, Neutrophil niches, Neutrophils in disease, Resolution and repair, Neutrophil trafficking and signaling, Neutrophil kinetics and fates

Mikala Egeblad (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory), Bryan Yipp (University of Calgary), Alison Criss (University of Virginia), Isaac Chiu (Harvard University, Boston), Mia Phillipson (Uppsala University), Filip Swirski (Harvard University), Anjelica Gonzalez (Yale University), Attila Mocsai (Semmelweiss University), Suchita Nadkarni (Queen Mary University), Ilaria Malanchi (Francis Crick Institute), Trian Chavakis (Technische Universität Dresden), Lucy Norling (Queen Mary University), Bruce Levy (Harvard University), Graham Lieschke (Royal Melbourne Hospital), Barbara Walzog (Ludwig-Maximillians Universität), Jamel El-Benna (Université Diderot), Sara Rankin (Imperial College), Lai Guan Ng (A*STAR), Andrés Hidalgo (Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research), Tanya Mayadas (Harvard University)

Registration is now open
There will be ample opportunities for flash talks from attendees.

For more info and registration, go to the meeting website:

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