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European Phagocyte Workshop 2023

After a hiatus due to Covid restrictions, the European Phagocyte Workshop is back! It will be held from 29th March to 1st April in Budapest, Hungary. As always, there will be outstanding science and lots of opportunities for junior scientists for oral presentation, travel grants, and our trademark informal interactions.

Topics include: Neutrophil cell biology, Intracellular signaling, Phagocytes in diseases, Tissue-specific phagocyte functions, Innovative technologies

Invited speakers are: Paul Kubes (Calgary, Canada; keynote speaker), Adam Denes (Budapest, Hungary), Spencer Freeman (Toronto, Canada), Ricardo Grieshaber-Bouyer (Heidelberg, Germany), Taco Kuijpers (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; pending),  Clifford Lowell (San Francisco, USA), Sussan Nourshargh (London, UK),  Renato Ostuni (Milano, Italy), Milka Sarris (Cambridge, UK), Carlos Silvestre-Roig (Münster, Germany), Irina Udalova (Oxford, UL), Sarah Walmsley (Edinburgh, UK)

Venue and date:
March 29 - April 1, 2023
Hotel Thermal Margaret Island
Budapest, Hungary

Website for more info and registration:

Abstract submission:              January 10, 2023
Travel grants:                         January 10, 2023
Early bird registration:           January 31, 2023