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Maurice B Hallett

Maurice B Hallett

Neutrophil Signalling Group

Neutrophil Signalling Group,
School of Medicine,
Cardiff University
Heath Park,
Cardiff,  CF14 4XN, UK

Phone ++44 29 20742748
Fax ++44 29 20742896


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The Neutrophil Signalling Group is part of a larger Interdisciplinary Research Grouping, Infection, Immunity and Inflammation (I3). Its focus is the mechanisms which underlie neutrophil behaviour. While this is a worthy goal in itself, as it contributes to our fundamental knowledge of cellular processes; it underpins the larger aim of understanding and ultimately preventing the aberrant behaviour of these cells during inflammatory diseases. The Group is focused on three aspects of neutrophil signalling (i) cytosolic free Ca2+ signals (ii) PIP3 signalling in phagocytosis and (ii) calpain translocation and activation. We have built up the necessary equipment for measurement, manipulation and imaging chemical changes in individual living neutrophils, and solved some of the difficult problems which arise when working with these cells.

Group members

Hallett lab photo