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Dr Lars-Peter Erwig

Aberdeen University Phagocyte Lab

Division of Applied Medicine
School of Medicine and Dentistry
Institute of Medical Sciences
University of Aberdeen
AB25 2ZD
Tel : 01224 550526
Fax : 01224 555766

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Dr. Erwig has a longstanding interest in the role of macrophages in the progression and healing of inflammation. His initial work has focussed on the signals that activate macrophages in vitro and glomerulonephritis and he has developed the concept of macrophage programming to explain how macrophages function within inflamed or otherwise damaged tissue where they are exposed to complex environments. Our research group now focuses on the consequences of apoptotic cell and pathogen uptake for phagocyte function and in particular on how the digestion of ingested cells or pathogens is controlled within macrophage phagosomes. In addition, Dr Erwig has a strong clinical and research interest in multisystem diseases such as SLE and Wegener's Granulomatosis.

Candida escaping from macrophage
Candida escaping from macrophage


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