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20 Feb 2019


Dear Phagocyte Friends and Colleagues,


Our trusty old Phagocytes.Net was hacked (would you believe it!) and has gone to website heaven. After a lot of head-scratching and IT wizardry by our steadfast web manager Michael Hinton (thank you Mike) and Babraham computing services (thank you Jon), we have created this new website to take its place - bigger, better, and hopefully less hackable.

PHAGOCYTES.EU serves to facilitate interactions between researchers in phagocyte biology. It enables contacts between phagocyte research groups and promotes phagocyte Meetings and job vacancies.

Our next big event is the Phagocyte Workshop, which will be held as part of the European Society of Clinical Investigation meeting. The upcoming Phagocyte Workshop 2019 will be in beautiful Coimbra, Portugal, May 22 – 24 ( It is organised by Oliver Soehnlein, Carlos Silvestre-Roig and Joana R. Viola. We will have four highlight sessions on neutrophil extracellular traps, resolution of inflammation, leukocyte trafficking, and an outbreak session on circadian rhythms, trained immunity, and neuronal control of inflammation. As always, the meeting will promote young researchers with travel grants and opportunities to be selected for talks. Please click on the Workshop tab for more information. I’m looking forward to seeing many of you in Coimbra!

If you would like to share information on your phagocyte research lab on PHAGOCYTES.EU (see the GROUPS tab for examples), or if you wish to advertise a phagocyte related event or job, please contact me at

Best wishes,


PHAGOCYTES.EU facilitates interactions between researchers in phagocyte biology, by listing phagocyte research groups, Meetings, and job vacancies. The site is hosted by some of the regulars of the Phagocyte Workshop, a meeting which is held each spring in a different European country as part of the European Society of Clinical Investigation meeting.

We are from a mix of labs doing anything from basic to clinical research and working on anything from phagocyte development, signalling and responses to the pathogenesis and treatment of phagocyte-related diseases. Most of us work on neutrophils, but the website will be equally useful for anyone interested in the biology of monocytes, macrophages, eosinophils, basophils, mast cells or dendritic cells.

Heidi Welch - Babraham Institute
Attila Mocsai - Semmelweis University

To contact the website, please email Heidi at